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Sharing some stories that you may enjoy as my gift to you

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I wish you all a happy and successful New Year.

Writing and sharing my content is a passion for me. My interest areas include fitness, health, mental health, technology, and content strategy.

For easy access and your enjoyment, I compiled my stories published on News Break. You can read these stories free of charge. The best reading experience is via News Break app that you can install to your mobile phone.

I hope you find something interesting and useful that may give you insights.

I Feel Better After Talking With Myself
How to Think Like a Designer
Ironic Inconvenience And Stress of Reading Materials
A Powerful Perspective To Living With Joy In Six Steps
Guide To Solution Cost Planning
This Simple Business Strategy Created Great Revenue
How I Killed My Zombie Cells
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3 Joyful Exercises for Low-Fat, Lean Muscles, and Dense Bones
11 Essential Roles of Successful Business Leaders
How To Write Viral Stories In 7 Simple Steps
An Overview of Business Architecture For Entrepreneurs
A Modern Perspective To Grow As A Leader
I Tapped Into My Fat Reserves With Fat And Got Leaner
Edge Computing Is Not As Complicated & Scary As You May Think
I Solve The Mystery of IoT and Explain It In Plain Language
My View Of Blockchain Is Different Because I Design It.
You Think Barefoot Walking Sucks? I Can Change Your Views.
How I Defeated Chronic Inflammation, Released My Debilitating Pain, And Became An Athlete
How I Skyrocketed My Sleep Quality With 7 Simple Hacks
In The End, Life Turns To Be A Dream. I Prefer Pleasant Dreams.
A New Way Of Thinking For Tasting Delicious Novelty
Sugar Was Killing Me But I Found Smart Ways to Beat It
How I Trapped Toxins In My Gut And Stopped Bloating Naturally
How I Lost Heaps of Fat, Gained Lean Muscle, Got Happier
I Simplified Prominent Adult Learning Theories For You
The Secret Is Action: How 3 Simple Points Can Get You Started
What Real Leaders Don't Do
A Modern Perspective To Grow As A Leader
Negative Criticism Will Not Kill You But Help You Grow
How to Recognize Distinguished Leaders
Sustain Your Motivation and Produce Like A Boss In These Challenging Times
How To Effectively Deal With Anxiety in Difficult Times
How To Deal With Big Data For Artificial Intelligence?
How To Be An Ethical Hacker?
Remarkable Leadership Traits for Technology Executives
How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
Wish I Had My DNA Tests Earlier
How I Increased My Energy Naturally And Performed Like A Boss
Wonders of Dry Sauna
Instant Mental Boost With Many Health Benefits for Everyone
How I Improved My Immunity With Wondrous Epsom Salts
How I Got Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier
Simple And Powerful Sleep Hacks Based on Experience

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